Luxury Columbarium

With a 6-star decoration, the Brahma Palace was built with intricate and beautiful designs embrace you, giving you a surreal experience of the actual Brahma Palace. The grand ceiling, delicate sculptures, elegant murals and warm lighting further provide a truly unique ambience, soothing the living while creating a peaceful resting place for the deceased.Every details and furnishing at the Chamber of eternal Bliss is specially and carefully designed exclusively for the visitor’s absolute comfort. Intricately designed furnishing are generously offered at numerous comfortable resting lounges that exude a solemn and quiet atmosphere for when family and friends visit during memorial occasions.Equipped with air-conditioning and an access card system to the elevators, friend and family members are carefully facilitated for a comfortable, convenient and secured visit

Modern Columbarium

A fusion of harmony and trendiness

The modern columbarium is filled with vibrant artistic charm in an auspicious environment that ushers in prosperity. The design connotes the essence of a timeless masterpiece. The rustic pavilions are complemented with minimalist murals, sculptures and paintings. The richly contoured architecture adds a fresh note to creativity and finesse. It conjures up a picture of an ideal paradise befitting the modern era.

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